Fairy Tales

The Aeon


The Pagan Experience

1. Resolutions and Spiritual Practice
2. Divinity: Fate
3. Earthlings and Changelings
4. Divinity: Virtue
5. As Above, So Below
6. Divinity: Truth
7. Going with the Flow versus Routines
8. Divinity: Epithets, Eclecticism, Syncretism and Syncreticism

3 comments on “Story

  1. Chim says:

    I have a question regarding the protective billow sigil. Before I came across the article, I randomly began to doodle the same sigil on my papers. (The only difference being it was upside down) Would you be able to provide me more information about it’s orgin? I would greatly appreciate it.


    • Faemon says:

      The origin of it to me was doodling, too! 😀 We have the same sense of aesthetic. I was also thinking of seashells while drawing, so it resulted in a sort of a double nautilus…but after, it sometimes looked like a leaf to me, and I felt that medium green was more protective, so I started thinking of it as a leaf.


      • Chim says:

        Thank you! 😀

        That’s awesome! I have been told that a lot of my drawings have a strong sense of linear rhythm. While I drew that sigil, sometimes it would turn into a rose shape. I really enjoy reading your articles and resonate with a lot of the information. I look forward to learning more.

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