On Earthlings and Changelings

Earth is what I default to. In the word “Earth” there also would be wreathes of other associations such as ecosystems, solar systems, and how what I think is corporeal is really mostly vacuum and energy waves. Still, the strongest aspect or concept offered by Earth is an experience and mindset inarticulable in many other ways, but perhaps it’s corporeality as the basis for reality. Maybe I similarly externalize this in my consideration of Fate as a present and active divinity in my belief.

Earth and Fate are what is left when I have declined and rejected everything else that it is possible to do so to, and even Fate can be a mirror of my own nature as someone with patterns and habits and repetitions who is subject to rhythm and reason.

As I’ve been told, nothing happens in a vacuum (except maybe the literal planet Earth that gets swept around by gravitational forces in what we consider a vacuum of outer space) but there are so many methods to isolate a thing in order to examine it, observe it, and appreciate what we then consider its true nature: immutable, out of context, having evidently survived and transcended its status as a mere product of conditioning or consequence.

This is a given, in my experience and beliefs…and one day, I feel, I’ll be able to turn it on its head.

For now, to me an Earthling means to be subject to these aspects of Earth.

To be human, then, means acknowledging that this isn’t enough. To be an Earthling is inescapable, but insufficient. Maybe there would always be conditions and consequences, even of isolation. To acknowledge bias and try to check it doesn’t mean transcending to some state of being unbiased.

Metaphorically, to grade a lens for the purpose of focusing on something more clearly, something further away, something too small to see with a naked functioning eye, this still manufactures a thing that bends and redirects light energy.

I’ve gleaned condemnations of fatalism and solipsism both, and would consider them both because they are present to be considered…as frustrating as that has been, I consider them polarized notions that form the core of humanity.

To own that center creates the awareness to accept and inhabit the human self, to impact the world. That, to me, is part of becoming a Changeling.