So, I finally got all the symbols for the chess pieces! I call this elemental system The Poesy Ogdoad, even though there are only six elements, because a chessboard is an eight-by-eight grid.

That’s what I’ll also call the sort of writing system that I decided to combine these with:

The primary group of gutteral sounds are now classified under Pawn.
The secondary group of sustained tongue-muscle sounds are classified under Queen, the tsks and clucks (interrupted tongue sounds) under Knight.
The tertiary group of sustained lip-sounds are classified under Castle, the interrupted “lippy pops” classified under King.
The quaternary group of sibilants are classified under Bishop.

I don’t know what to do with these, yet, I’m just hanging these here. Maybe I can think of diacritics around the sigils to indicate exactly which sound under each group would be represented. If I count G as a combination gutteral between K and H, (also D as a combination of L and N, just because, but it won’t really change the file count) then the file of sounds from gutteral to sibilant would be twelve. I could structure the diacritics, then, like the hands of a clock.

To be continued…